Home and GardenTV Networks's "Modern Master"
Program 812 airs this August 6
J. Farnsworth's QuadraLith Kaleidoscope
Last year Jerry's shop was busy with an HGTV (Home and Garden Network) TV crew. They were at his shop to document and interview Jerry about his Quadralith Kaleiodoscope. The crew spent all day and most of the evening taping Jerry working on and talking about his "4 person at once" kaleidoscope. Modern Masters is a half-hour series currently in production for Home & Garden TV (HGTV). Modern Masters features profiles of master craftspeople - men and women who are among the best at what they do. From coppersmiths to plaster crafters, in small towns, secluded places and urban areas, Modern Masters takes viewers into the workshops of inspiring and insightful masters of traditional crafts. Modern Masters uses a unique, documentary storytelling style. The words of the craftsperson are blended with music, natural sound, and the occasional insights of a narrator. As a "fly on the wall", the viewer will be inspired by watching, and will begin to understand the dedication and commitment to excellence that goes into creating a masterwork. HGTV is a rapidly growing network that currently reaches over 70 million homes in the United States. Modern Masters airs on HGTV Sunday nights. HGTV's "Modern Masters" will feature the "Quad" this summer. Program #812 to air August 6th 2003

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