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Phone 812-336-1184 ........
Email..... j@jfarnswoth.com and
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Order Form and Price List
B A C K    T O O L S

Back Rake(Back Scratcher)...... $25.00 Total $6.50 FEDEX for any size order.

How to Order

By E-MAIL, E-Mail When we receive your order, we will E-mail back to verify your order and get your payment information. We do NOT recommend that you send your MC or VISA numbers on E-Mail unless you split the charge card number information into 2 separate emails .
By PHONE, call us at (812) 336-1184
By FAX, Print this page for an order form to FAX.
The FAX number is 812-336-1184. You may include your MC or VISA card number and expire date on this fax.
By Pay Pal. If you want more than one item call us for a total and give us your PayPal email address and we can send you a PayPal invoice.
By U.S. MAIL Print this page for an order form to mail. You may include your MC or VISA card number and expire date to pay by card, or include a check or money order, made out to
J. Farnsworth WoodWorker.
Send to:
J. Farnsworth Wood Worker
2880 E Bethel Lane
Bloomington, In. 47401
Marble Block Scope          48.00
Camera Teleidoscope         49.00
Marble Scope (with stand)   49.00
Delux Oil Scope             50.00
Tiny Teleidoscope           32.00
Tiny Helix Scope            36.00
Parlor Kaleidoscope Set    220.00
Train Kaleidoscope         128.00
Sports Car Kaleidoscope    138.00
Crab Kaleidoscope          128.00
Cow (Cowlidoscope)        1600.00
Quadra Art Glass Scope    3800.00
Giant Kaleido-bot 3/3     S O L D
Rifle Kaleidoscope        S O L D
Sake Scope                S O L D
3 Sense Series     Series S O L D  
Quantity Description x Cost = Extention
______________ __Shipping$Free_
______________Grand Total________
Your Name________________________
Charge type __MC __VISA
E-mail Address_____________________

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